Folkestone Nursing Home

25 Folkestone Road, East Ham, London, E6 6BX

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020 8548 4310

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Our short term respite care gives our residents the chance to have a holiday or take some time out.

Choosing a respite care home is a crucial decision, and at FNH, we empathise with the concerns families face. Our primary focus is delivering exceptional care tailored to each individual’s unique needs, ensuring a sense of security and comfort for both residents and their families during short-term stays.

Looking for quality respite care near you?

Our strength lies in personalized care plans, meticulously designed to address the specific requirements of every resident. The dedicated team, comprising experienced professionals, delivers round-the-clock support, emphasizing compassion and expertise in providing comprehensive care.

Ensuring safety and cleanliness is our priority, creating a welcoming environment with comfortable living spaces and a variety of amenities. Our staff, characterized by both skill and empathy, fosters a supportive and understanding atmosphere for all residents during their brief stay.

We strongly believe in transparent communication and family involvement. Continuous updates on care plans and the resident’s well-being keep families informed and engaged throughout the stay.

Understanding the financial aspect, we offer flexible payment options to make our exceptional care accessible and affordable to all.

FNH is well-regarded for delivering outstanding respite care, earning a reputation for quality and satisfaction.

Contact us today to discover how we can support your loved one’s respite care needs in a comforting and supportive environment.