Folkestone Nursing Home

25 Folkestone Road, East Ham, London, E6 6BX

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020 8548 4310

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Our nursing care of FNH is for residents who are terminally ill (sometimes referred to as ‘end of life care).

Where we acknowledge the challenges families confront in considering palliative care for their loved ones. Our primary commitment is to deliver empathetic and comprehensive care, addressing both the patient’s specific needs and the emotional journey of their family..

Compassionate palliative care at Folkestone Nursing Home

Recognising the emotional strain families endure during this phase, our dedicated team provides unwavering support, understanding, and compassion to guide families through this challenging time. Our specialized palliative care program caters not only to the patient’s physical needs but also their emotional, social, and spiritual well-being. Our goal is to enhance the overall quality of life for both the patient and their family.

We encourage open communication and family involvement in care decisions, ensuring the patient’s wishes are respected while supporting families in navigating the complexities of palliative care.

Our highly trained and compassionate team offers expert guidance in pain management, symptom control, and end-of-life care. Our priority is to create a peaceful and comfortable environment for both the patient and their family.

Our facilities ensure safety and provide a nurturing environment, ensuring physical comfort and emotional support for both the patient and their loved ones.

FNH is recognised for exceptional palliative care, prioritising dignity and comfort during challenging times. Contact us to discover how our caring and supportive environment can aid your loved one in their palliative care journey.